There are many reasons to live happy in Antalya.

One of the most popular tourist city of Turkey invites you to discover its with fresh air, pleasant climate, amazingly beautiful sea, beaches, forests and mountains of Toros - a witness of ancient civilizations.

You would always feel like coming back to this city over and over again for its spectacular sea views and long beaches. Antalya – is a very popular tourist destination spot on international level; thousands of tourist from all over the world visit Antalya monthly.

Mega Antalya


There are no museums, no libraries, no shopping malls, no parks, to tramway lanes, no hospitals, no schools around…because there all are inside the compound. There is a large park inside Mega Antalya – 250.000m², is covered with greenery of mountains Toros. This park will be available not only for residents, but for all visitors.


Everything here is thought-out to the very smallest detail for a full experience and comfort.The tramway opens its doors with a great pleasure as soon as you come out from your home, towards nature and your new life.

Large city park

Large city park reflects all sides of nature of Mediterranean sea and retires you from nonsense out there in the city, and offers you a new lifestyle harmoniously with nature.

Museum and library

In addition to charming nature of Mega Antalya, there is museum and library, where you can learn and find all information of your interests.

Educational institutions

You will feel safe and secure for your children at studding at schools, situated very close to your home.

Medical facilities

Based on the statement “the health if a main priority”, the project Mega Antalya included a hospital. The residents of Mega Antalya can fully trust hospitals’ doctors and specialists; they are reachable at any time.

Social facilities

Mega Antalya adds more colors to your life with its swimming pools, city squares, sport facilities and cafes, where everyone can find something for their interests.

Shopping mall

You will definitely enjoy your time shopping at boutiques with leading worldwide known brands.

Smart City

All LED streets lights are equipped with light sensors. You will have a Wi-Fi access at any corner of the park and stay updated with the latest news.

Because of project’s great location, you can reach any destination by your private transport through Antalya Avenue. Or you can take a tramway station inside Mega Antalya, and easily get to the International Airport of Antalya, center of Antalya – ancient cityKaleiçi.

There are 1105 residences in the project with wonderful views and nature surrounding, where you can hear birdsongs and waters meandering in beautiful ponds.


Prices start from 40.000$.

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