Istanbul Marina Life Villas...
With 5 different types of villas, a special concept which enables you to see the sea as far as you might, and offers you a life far beyond your expectations. Architecturally, the concept adapts the eligibility of the classical style to modern life thanks to its double deck tall columns, frontal jamb design, stone paving and alla turca roof tiles. You will experience peace and comfort in the exclusive world of Marina Houses, which are distinguished from the other villas by their special features.

Just a glance away
You will witness the talks of the boats and the seagulls, right from your own balcony, terrace or window. It will never feel like you had enough of the sea sparkle view, and you will end up in the marina whenever you take a walk.

Winter or summer, the scent and the sound of the sea are right by your side
The scent of the sea calls upon you in the summer…You will embrace the sea as you swim through the pure blue waves with the joy of vacation. In the winter, the sound will become a melody in your ears as you will savor a peaceful life.

The best taste that the sea offers
If your fishing rod is ready, the blessings from the sea call upon you to their taste and you will grab your rod to end up in the blue water. You will experience the best time you ever had with your children and loved ones right ashore to your home.

Luxury Outlet Shopping Mall, the most private state of shopping
You can forget the passing of the time as you savour shopping in this world of privilege, where you can find the most exclusive brands for the most special prices.

In the freshness of the blue, to the healthy steps…
You will take your healthy steps in the freshness og the blue by the sea, inhaling the sweet air to your heart’s content.

To the tennis courts for sports…
Are you ready for a cutthroat game with your neighbor? You can savour the competition and triumph with your rackets in our special courts.

Spa: Health that comes in with the water
You will feel special in the spa center that will be helping you to renew yourself by awakening your senses and setting your body free

Vacation for you and your guests, whenever you want
You can receive services from our five-star hotel, which provides comfort and special areas for you and your guests, for the moments that you will spend just like a vacation.

The taste of freshness and the fragrance of nature in the organic market
You will savor shopping fruits and vegetables that inherit their taste from the earth, all grown in their season, from your organic market.

General features
The features of the villas in Marina Houses, with the elevator, private pool, private parking lot and the marina view; All types of villas, that will make you feel comfort, quality and luxury in every corner, include outhouses in the basement, assistant room, sauna, steam bath and hobby rooms. The high ceiling that creates roominess, the broad living room in the ground floor, the fireplace and the housing spaces in the kitchen transform your home time into happiness. Considering all the living conditions among the floors, you may switch by the elevators. The bathroom, restroom and storeroom located in the kitchen enables comfort in different areas while the open and closed parking lots offer you a privileged life. With the aforethought details on the villas, all the unnecessary areas were located in the basement, so you may pass to the garden through the living room in the groundfloor.