Discover MarinaTownIstanbul

Away from crowds of Istanbul, innovative, modern port city.

You can enjoy a coastal life, as if you were a part of the sea. If you are looking for a house with combination of all kinds of facilities, social events and a 12 months vacations concept, then the project Mimaroba is your choice. It is one of the most beautiful coastal complexes of Istanbul.


  • Shopping mall
  • Fountains
  • Gardens
  • Swimming pools
  • Sport courts
  • Park
  • Walking lanes and bicycle lanes
  • Restaurants and cafes

Architecture design

The idea of the project was born out of searching for home very close to stream pfa modern life style. We have adapted the project to the modern urban rhythm of family life, and redesigned houses in the way that it could became not just a shelter but as a place where you spend the most wonderful days of your life.

Serenity and tranquility of coastal life – is your main inspiration.

The project is aimed to give its residents a chance to discover a coastal life style and all wonderful feelings that it brings.

Simplicity that come to life over and over

The interior design was additionally filled with practical and modern esthetic elements in order to represent a concept of comfortable living, and in order to stay unique and lively due to its architecture design that comply with environment.

Large balconies complementing the sea view

Interior design is practically finished with elegant terraces that emphasize the sense of comfort.

Due to large windows, the sun and the sea become a part of your home.

Wide and tall windows are specially designed to bring the sunshine and the sea inside your home and to make living rooms spacious, visually enlarge the space of rooms and fill them up with natural day light.

Elegant restaurants

If you would like to enjoy your morning coffee at restaurant, the only thing you need is to push elevator’s button. This project offers a variety of cafes where you can enjoy your meal together with friends or family.

Quiet spaces for your new life

You will have new life, in this property project you will touch a bright and good-looking domestic lifestyle in new environment.