The new address to experience city life
Kagithane experience invites you to a whole new life where you can tap into the heartbeat of Istanbul. Rising in the new life center of the city, Seba Suites offers an utterly different Istanbul experience thanks to its location and facilities. With Kagithane Suites, both the excitement of enriching your life with a new home and the contentment of making the right investment will find its reflection in your whole life. Kagithane Suites invites you to discover its combined quality and elegance... 

Architects of innovative and high quality projects
Kagithane Suties has realized many projects each one more successful than the others, and brings its long years of experience to brand new projects. The company is renowned for putting its signature on a number of high quality and innovative projects in precious neighborhoods that are rapidly increasing in value. And now it is bringing to life Kagithane Suites rising in Kağıthane as the latest vision of giving birth to projects that inherently create value. 

So much more than a home
Residential life style brings you not only a home but also functional comfort. It offers all kinds of opportunities for you and your family to live in safety with contemporary, congenial and sophisticated neighbors. A luxurious and cozy life with amenities such as parking, security, as well as an excellent variety of recreational and social facilities, including a fitness center, gym, pool are waiting for you.