Welcome to Istanbul Marina Life Apartments!

This is a place where greens of nature and marine blue collide.

Newcostal center of Istanbul.

Enjoy every moment of contemplation of panoramic sea view right from window of your apartments.

A place, where greens of nature and marine blue collide.

Due to perfect location in the new azure harbor at coastal side of Istanbul, you can see a vast space opening from windows of each apartment’s balcony of Istanbul Marina Life Apartments, where vivid colors of blue sea and green landscape collide.

This project is aimed to grand its residents an opportunity to feel pleasure from the sea and clear blue sky on the green territory of 19.571 square meters without leaving our home. Enjoy the sense of freedom and welfare surrounding you.

Istanbul Marina Life Apartments is located only 300 meters fare from the sea and it bring peace of costal life style right into your home, at same time Istanbul Marina Life Apartments is only 1 hour away distance from the main centers of Istanbul.

Social facilities

At Istanbul Marina Life Apartments you will have much more than just a home, because every detail has been created for your dream to come true. The residents of Istanbul Marina Life will feel much inspiration from being surrounded by nature with a perfectly balanced connection with special features and central location. You don’t need to choose between comfort and luxury at Istanbul Marina Life, because everything you and your family may need has been taken care of. It is not only about social facilities inside Apartments, markets, sport ground, and also a very close proximity to hospitals, educational institutions, shopping malls, comfortable traffic interchange and the most exclusive feature – harbor neighboring.

  • Fitness center of 800 м² area
  • Basketball court
  • Football field
  • Outdoor walking lane : 4 Km

Project area: 26.893 м²

Gardening area: 19.581 м²

Number of bloks: 20

Number of flats: 330

Luxurious life 300 meters away from sea side

How do you feel about neighboring with endless blue sea, located far from urban chaos and at same time in the heart of the city? Rich greenery and unique landscape design, panoramic living spaces just 300 meters away from sea side, all of that makes Istanbul Marina Life a paradise like place.

Coastal town

Every single apartment in Istanbul Marina Life has a spectacular sea view.

Istanbul Marina Life has been designed in the way that every window of the apartment faces the sea and residents can enjoy the perfect sea view from any window.

Blue of the sea, green areas and peace – exactly here you can feel scent of serenity and tranquility.

After a fine dining, harbor view will grand you a peace of mind, and sea breeze willdeem the rest of urban rhythm echoing.

It is more than just a harbor

Every detail you used to perceive as piece of luxury, is now a standard element at Istanbul Marina Life!

But, a pure delight from contemplation of amazing view is not the only advantage of Istanbul Marina Life Apartments. On the territory of landscape design there is a greenery of a 19.581м² area, which is not only a source of inspiration, – as it contains colors tone from light torques up straight to a rich vivid green – but also a self-sustaining source of oxygen. Thus, while taking a walk amongst tall palms, pines and oak trees, breathing in the scent of nature, you don’t need to travel to the country side.

The sea beneath your feet

Imagine, in the center of Istanbul you have an opportunity to satisfy your interests and passions! A wonderful sea side promenade is a purl of Istanbul, it is 1500 meters long, and it offers you a ever morning walking, fast running, bicycle riding on bicycle lanes, or enjoy breakfast by the sea together with your beloved ones. You don’t need to go very far from your home for fishing or sailing. This amazing option ofIstanbul Marina Life saves so much of your precious time.

The joy of shopping has very been so close to you

You can easily satisfy your wishes in the shopping malls of Marina Istanbul without wasting of your precious time. You can also spend a good time at cafes and restaurants. 

Advantages of location by marina

The proximity of pier gives a chance to visit Princes islands.Breathtaking beautiful,authentic and original, they convey historical nature of Istanbul, though at very first sight they are not distinguishable from ordinary summer holiday village.  Heybeliada island is only 20 sea miles away from Istanbul Marina Life, and Trilye, a marina port of Mudanyavillage, also called a Hidden Paradise, is only 35 sea miles away. Marin traffic interchange system is very suitable for traveling to other sides of the areas – ferryboats depart right from marina piernear your home.