Sea waves, ships, clouds, even the islands, lay to the horizon just in front of your house.

Life offers one of the best beauties of mother nature to you, but you are looking at a concrete wall in a room, which prevents you to see all these. İf you are between the walls, what is the use of a house just in front of the sea.

This is a very special project on the Zeytinburnu Shore, one of the most popular locations in Istanbul. It consists of 7 separate blocks with options of 1 +1 to 5+1. Glass-walled houses, green parks, gyms, open-air swimming pools and social areas such as SPA, add pleasure to your life..


With Glass, Not Concrete.

We have completed your pleasure with panoramic terraces.

To enjoy this beauty, let the sea in your house.

You See the Sea ! The extraordinary architecture of the Blue Istanbul is not only beautiful, but also very functional. The distance between the seven blocks forming the project is 95 meters. This width not only gives you a spacious view, but also almost all of the houses in the project offer sea view from different angles in each room.

If we say, we have thought so long about which services we have to offer you; this would be unreal. Because; we decided to offer all the services that could be offered in a residence without any doubt.

Will adore this project The width between the Blue Istanbul blocks also opens up space for the green areas. Specially designed landscaping areas offer the opportunity to enjoy the green. If you ask for more and say "I want a private garden", our duplex apartments with garden are just for you.

Blue Istanbul offers concept flats that meets the needs of everyone, where you will sit opposite the sea and relieve your daily stress, as well as garden duplexes built just next to the unique landscape, playgrounds within the green areas, indoor and outdoor sports complexes, panoramic terraces to enjoy the Bosporus, Blue Tunnel that shortens your distance with the seaside, well-known brands and restaurants that will offer unique tastes from world cuisines at Mavi Cadde, to optimize your life. The flats at Blue Istanbul are very smart; life is more privileged thanks to the Smart Home Systems.

An award-winning project where blue meets green. Building on 63.500 sqm area, approximately 245 meters distance between the blocks, and consisting of 6 Residences plus 1 Hotel block with its living spaces having 51.500 sqm green areas. With the VAT Exemption advantage, your deeds are delivered immediately, and the citizenship service is provided free of charge to you.


Panoramic terraces that offer unusual excitements

Blue Street that brings famous brands together

Blue Tunnel which resets the distance between you and the beach

Garden duplexes that give the pleasure of the green in the seaside

Residence services that add value to each moment of life

Indoor and outdoor social facility areas that brings you all the possibilities

Smart Home Technology

Parking garage and storage area

A first in Turkey: A technology, which is above the world standards, is only used at Blue Istanbul: With “70-41 Guardian Extra Clear Glass”, the Panoramic Sea View is CLEARER now!

Outdoor-Indoor Social Facility Areas

Indoor and outdoor swimming Pools

Walking Tracks

Tennis Court

Football and Basketball Field

Fitness Center

SPA, Steam Room

Turkish Bath

Sauna and Massage Rooms

Vitamin Bar

Indoor and outdoor Kids Play Land

51.500 m2 Green Area

With Blue Istanbul you will start a life without traffic stress in the center of the city. The major benefits of Zeytinburnu include central location, easy access, close distance to the historical peninsula and the coastal line that extends along the Bosphorus. The value of the region continues to increase with the completion of Marmaray and Eurasian Tunnel and Metro investments.