Welcome to Yalı Apartments, where the beauty of the Sea of Marmara will accompany you continuously ... Are you ready to surrender to the beauty of the sea?


Project details:


Ready to move in

Proof of title (TAPU) ready

Total land area 72.000 m²

Number of apartments: 512

Number of buildings: 5

Types of apartments: 1 + 1; 2 + 1; 3 + 1; 5 + 1; 4 + 2

There are offices and shops


Services and amenities:

Smart Home system

24-hour security and video surveillance system at the entrance to the complex, buildings and gardens

24 hour reception service

Gym with modern and best equipment and trainers for men and women

Large hall in each building for guests

Closed parking where each apartment has its own parking space with a number

Closed parking for guests and ambulances

Outdoor tennis court and basketball court

Steam rooms, sauna, indoor and outdoor pools

Games for children

Seaside vacation spots

Taxi service

Cafe inside the complex for residents

Market and home delivery

Ecological reserve with perennial trees


All materials and systems used are in accordance with Turkish standards as well as international norms for specific issues. All blocks are earthquake resistant. Heating - Cooling All blocks have central heating. Units A and B have underfloor heating and heated towel rails in the bathrooms, while Unit C has first-class aluminum radiators and heated towel rails.There is central air conditioning.



The complex has electric transformers and power generators. There are electronic meters, a leakage control relay, a fire warning system and a security system.


There are guards at the front door of the complex. Entry and exit to the complex is strictly controlled. Security works 24 hours a day. The complex is fully equipped with CCTV cameras. To enter the parking, you can use a remote control system or a card.

Outer covering of buildings

Blocks A and B are covered with stone wool and similar thermal insulation materials, and the top is covered with a ceramic or composite coating. In block C, the facade cladding is heat and sound insulating. 

Window and Window Frames 

All units used double-glazed windows and aluminum window frames.


The roofs of all units are kept warm, impervious to water and are covered with ceramic or epoxy. 

Social facilities 

The complex has: jogging paths, playground, sports grounds, indoor and outdoor pools, sunbathing areas, indoor gym, sauna and steam rooms.


For apartments 1 + 1 one closed parking space, for 2 + 1 two places, for 3 + 1; 4 + 1; 5 + 1 three places, four places for duplex apartments. 

Warehouse room 

For blocks A and B there are separate storage rooms on the basement floor. There are none for block C. 


Blocks A and B have 4 lifts. Block C has 5 elevators and 1 fire and freight elevator.


There is a telephone network, high-speed internet and antennas.

Floor coverings

Living and other rooms are covered with parquet similar to laminated (wood trim, lacquered or aluminum skirting boards). Halls, kitchens, bathrooms, toilets have a coating similar to cladding made of natural stone or ceramic material. All balconies and terraces (decorative) have a coating similar to ceramic material. Ceilings All ceilings are suspended, made of plasterboard, covered with plastic paint.

Internal walls 

The interior walls are made of aerated concrete-like bricks and / or plasterboard and are covered with paint. Ceramic, natural stone, wallpaper or paint were used in bathrooms and toilets.


The doors are steel with wood sheeting and the interior doors are either wood or varnished.


Used: Cabinets with wood or lacquered finish, acrylic top, ceramic cover between the top, stainless steel sink, stainless hood.


First-class wooden or lacquered under-sink glass cabinets and a mirror were used.


No work was carried out in the offices, they were without interior decoration.


PRICES start at $ 260,000. For a detailed price, go to the "Pricing" section or contact us.